Say Anything: Just another Manic Monday by Anjee

 Whew! I didn't think I would find time to write today. It was a crazy start to my week! Football started up in full motion, so there was that, and also the remembrance of 9/11. Did you all do anything fun this weekend? I hope you did. 

In the news today, we have the latest on the new Fifty Shades of Darker film. Teasing us with a teaser! How dare you, E.L. James. We here at The Review Loft were so excited to see this pop-up everywhere. It was just what the indie community needed right now. Without further ado I present. 

Hot Damn! I am so excited. After watching Jamie play a sociopath in The Fall, I am wondering if he will be able to put a little bit of his dark side in this next film. We can cross our fingers and hope! So just a heads up. Everywhere tomorrow will be the first full trailer for this next installment. 

Sorry for the short post. Life get's busy for us all. Enjoy your week. 

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