Terri's Review: Roman Crazy by Nina Bocci & Alice Clayton

Title: Roman Crazy
Series: The Broads Abroad #1

Author:  Nina Bocci &Alice Clayton 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Gallery Books

Pub Date: September 13, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Clayton and Bocci take you on a journey through Italy with this story. It’s more than a woman scorned by a cheating husband its self discovery, finding what you were meant to be and who you are meant to be. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and I’m sure you’re going to want to visit Italy.  

While I was laughing within the first few pages.. penis gifts, that’s hilarious. I had to share that part of the story with my friends and my husband. I couldn’t stop laughing. I still chuckle when I think of penis gifts.

I found the story to be slow moving. There was a lot of time put into the descriptions of locations that you literally felt like you were right there with Avery in Rome but I wasn’t sucked into the story until about 60%. I enjoyed what I was reading from the start I just need it to move faster.

Avery’s a strong independent woman despite her years of being a home maker. Once a decision is made she sticks to it, there is no wobbling. I can’t stand when characters go back and forth. I love that Avery stood behind hers will 100% conviction.

This is a second chance at love in a sense. Avery runs into her one time fling, Marcello, which was really more than a fling. It could have been epic had life not got in the way. Despite the shock of seeing one another again, the chemistry is still palpable between them.

I wish that there was an epilogue to this story; I would like to see a glimpse of Avery and Marcello’s life in a few years; but hey maybe Clayton and Bocci plan to give us a second book.. let’s say for Daisy and all her wild and crazy adventures!!! 

Read it!

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