Polly's Review: Muscle Memory by Stylo Fantome

Title: Muscle Memory

Author: Stylo Fantome

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Stylo Fantome

Pub Date: August 28, 2017
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Our thoughts...
This book was a total angst fest. Angst is normally not my cup of tea but I've been looking for something out of my box and so I signed up and crossed my fingers. 

I've read Stylo in the past so I knew her writing game was going to be on point and it was with this book. It had so many feels and the author knows how to pull you into a story. I was up until 1am reading this one because I needed to know how it ended. 

Jon wakes up from a coma with amnesia. From there we get flash backs to his life and what it was before. I think that at the heart this book was a romance but it kinda of took the side stage for me and it was about him discovering himself along the way. 

I will tell you that the past chapters were a little hard to read. I didn't like the main characters. The writing was captivating but I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters: past and present. That's the main reason that I couldn't rate this one higher then I did. The main characters made so many decisions that often made me shaking my head. 

This one is getting lots of high praise, so as usual it may just be me. Go grab it and decide for yourself. You may love it!

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