Anjee's Review: One is a promise by Pam Godwin

Title: One is a promise
Series: Tangled lies #1

Author: Pam Godwin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Pam Godwin

Pub Date: June 5, 2017
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Our thoughts...

It’s been awhile since I have been involved in a volatile relationship with a book boyfriend, but that changes the minute I read One is a Promise. Whew!

It’s a pretty standard trope when it comes to relationships and how we go from absolute loathing someone to the full fledged love. I enjoyed the whole novel. It was also easy to read. Without going into full detail, because this has a huge spoiler alert with it. I will just say that the choices the heroine has to make aren’t going to be easy ones. Hell, I am not even sure she should have to make decisions. I mean am I right? There is one particular scene scratch that make it two specific scenes that stood above the rest, And.It.Was.Fire. Like loins burning hot. The heroine is also full of sarcastic, witty snark, and I loved that about her. There’s going to be lots of heartache in this one folks. So be prepared if you haven’t already researched it.  I am happy to announce I’ve already started reading book two. I am glad I didn’t have to wait because it would have been killer on my psyche!
4.5 stars

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