Anjee's Review: Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

Title: Twisted Palace
Series: The Royals #3

Author: Erin Watt
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Everafter Romance

Pub Date: October 17, 2016
Rating: 3 stars

Our thoughts...

I had such anticipation for the final installment in Ella and Reed’s story I was stoked to get a shot to read this early. What a roller coaster ride it has been.

We begin the story with things not looking well for Reed, regarding being charged for Brooke’s murder. He struggles throughout the book on what path to take and the right thing to do regarding everyone but himself. His place in the story made the most sense to me, but I want to talk a little bit about Ella. Ella was very emotional in this book, to the point that it made her weak. She was not the strong Ella we knew in the beginning, and I was disappointed in that. Not one time did she have a high moment throughout the story. I like my heroines strong or at least built up to be strong. Ella was strong from the beginning, one of her most redeemable qualities, and thus why I loved the story. I just don’t understand the struggle with her in the last book. She should have taken that story and grabbed it by the proverbial balls so to speak.

Her father was introduced in the last book at the end. The whole part of adding him to the story seemed anticlimactic and cliché. I felt like I was watching a Soap unfold. You know where someone always comes back from the dead, because you know they didn’t die as you thought. It was a basic play. So I was disappointed on that front as well.

We get what we wanted out of Ella and Reed as far as being together, but again straight basic, nothing special about the incident. This is a love story that has been crazy for these two. Why bring them together in a basic way.

As for who killed Brooke. We find that out in the end, but again I had no resolve for that part. It just seemed out of place for me.

One last thing I want to brush up on is they language and writing in this book. I felt a bit of whiplash reading some of the time. I noticed that in some instance the characters would use Gosh and Darn, and turn around in the next chapter or scene and use Fuck and Damn. It was so out of place I noticed it every time.

I’m glad I finished it and read it with a few friends whom also got to read early. We were all pretty much in agreement that this book fell flat and was not thought out or done with vision.

3 stars.


  1. Thanks for review Anjee, and I, like you don't like wishy washy heroines, I like to see strength of character! Sometimes when stuff like this happens I always wonder if they were just in a rush to get book finished because all the little things, like change in dialogs along with someone not getting better but weaker falls flat for me also!