Terri's Review: Away from the Dark by Aleatha Romig

Title: Away from the Dark
Series: The Light #2

Author: Angie McKeon
Genre: Suspense
Publisher: Thomas and Mercer

Pub Date: October 18, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

Repeatedly Mrs. Romig blows me away with her story telling. I enjoyed into the Light, However I thought I had the story figured out for the most part very early on. This is rare for me with one of her books; that being said, I LOVED Away From the Dark, all the emotions that this story pulled out of me. Book two is my favorite of the duet.

Away from the Dark starts right where Into the Light ended. Sara was missing; Jacob was in a hurry to find her. Who he was going to find was unknown, Sara or Stella.
We really get the witness Sara/Stella fighting for dominance in this book. Her mind knows everything, yet she’s been so conditioned to obey that it is second nature to her. I loved seeing her strength and determination prevail.

I loved Jacob in ITL. Seeing all the sacrifices that he was willing to make for Sara/Stella, just made me love him more.  Jacob and Stella are one of my favorite couples that Aleatha has written.

The ending of AFTD leave you wanting a bit more. I hope that there is the possibility for another book. I would love to get a glimpse into the future for these two but I also want to know what David is up to.

To me AFTD was better of the two books, there was more suspense, the need to know if they could pull off the ultimate deception, who they could and could not trust, and would they get their HEA. I wanted all of my questions answered and I couldn’t read fast enough.

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